Base oil

Synthetic ester blend oil

SAE type

8 type (75W-90 / 75W-90L / 80W-90L / 80W-140 / 80W-140L / 85W-250 / 90LSD / 140LSD)


“Transmission gear oil and a single-purpose differential gear oil based on synthetic ester oil”
CompR Base oil Features We have a lineup of gear oils to support various transmissions and LSDs with eight types of carefully selected viscosities, developed through repeated practical tests on racing vehicles that require strict oil temperature control.
Oils are also prepared with additives and the amount of viscoelastic fluid adjusted for usage stages, the optimum oil can be chosen to suit different racing environments and vehicle specifications.
We prepare multi to single grade oils with dual purpose oils for transmissions and LSD differentials for FF and single purpose oils for differentials for FR to suite usage environments. It is best suited to high performance sport grade, tuned and racing vehicles.