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Company Profile
Trade name IDI Inc. Head office  196-0004 2-13-18 Midori-cho, Akishima City Tokyo
Incorporated June, 1999 TEL/FAX  +81 42 549 0050 / +81 42 549 0051
Main business  Design, manufacture and sales of auto parts (mainly brake related products) and oil related products
Sales office  Shizuoka branch (Service area: Eastern Japan), Hiroshima branch (Service area: Western Japan)


(In random order)

IDI Hokkaido (Marginal Racing Crew), IDI Tohoku, IDI Hokuriku (Racing People)

IDI Kanto (Est Vision Inc.), IDI Kyushu (NDS)
Big Kanagawa Co., Ltd., Toyoshima Co., Ltd.  H.P.I Co., Ltd.,

M.I. Co., Ltd.BEVERLY AUTO Co., Ltd., End. cc/ Alts Inc.
Overseas distributo 中国    (AREA ASIA)  CHINAHONG KONG Wheelink Asia Co.Ltd..
ニュージーランド オーストラリア (AREA OCEANIA)  Creative Auto Trend Services International Pty Ltd (CATS-I)
Origin of company name  Our company name is derived from the initial letters of Independent, Development and Industry.
BMW M3     Maclaren GTR

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