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Racing coolant

レーシングクーラント Product type  Complete changeover type
Packaging  4L plastic container × 4 / 20L can

Main ingredient

 Ethylene glycol
 Distilled water
 Corrosion proof agent
 Magnetize the above component
Major components  Boiling temperature130
 Freezing temperature-21
Magnetizing all the main ingredients brings about the below effect.
 Heat absorption and heat radiation enhanced!
Rapid heat absorption when water temperature is around 70-80℃ then radiating heat at higher temperatures.
 Heat stability improved!
Variation in water temperature is reduced as a result of the constituent molecules stabilizing at saturation point. The main ingredient, subject to the action of the lines of magnetic force, cause phase transition between the constituent molecular clusters, and create saturated molecular clusters. As a result of this the main ingredient becomes less susceptible to change or transformation when subject to high temperatures. It is also maintains extremely stable water temperature even when subject to the rise in radiator pressure that accompanies rising temperatures.
 Extended endurance!
 It also contributes to excellent circulation and extended life of the radiator by making less likely the formation of scale and corrosion due to rust which would then clog the radiator core.
Particularly in late years there is an electrolysis corrosion prevention effect supposed in all aluminum engines or aluminum core radiators becoming mainstream.

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