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 ”BF338” Brake Fluid
BF338  Product name BF338 Brake fluid content 500ml/can(12can/lot)
 Main ingredient Borate ester & additive
  Features Brake fluid focusing on stable pedal-feel under high temperature for driving on the circuit” 
When people talk about high performance brake fluid, they tend to focus on the smoke point. However, we are more concerned with another important factor that the driver expects during circuit driving which is how stable the pedal-feel remains after many laps.
To achieve a high level of braking control, it is essential that change in every characteristic other than brake pads be minimized. Therefore, “BF338” brake fluid - that prioritizes high temperature performance - deliberately sacrifices low temperature (below -10)performance and focuses on circuit driving conditions, without adhering to the DOT standard.
We have formulated it to minimized metal corrosion and the swelling of rubber seals and gaskets to support race car users and to balance high performance and endurance for a wide range of users from street to competition.
When used in conjunction with our brake pads this brake fluid will contribute to a total braking system for users driving in harsh braking conditions, such as circuit driving and with limited brake capacity.
Item Standard(JIS K2233) Non-standard
Type (code) Type3(BF3) Type4(BF4) Type5(BF5) BF338(BF5)
Reference DOT3equivalent DOT4equivalent DOT5/5.1equivalent Racing equivalent
DRY smoke point() More than 205 More than 230 More than 260 338
WET smoke point() More than 140 More than 155 More than 180 242(3.5wt%)※1
Flash point More than 82 More than 100 189
Kinetic viscosity(-40)m/s(cSt) Less than 1500 Less than 1800 Less than 900 2420※2
Kinetic viscosity(100)m/s(cSt) More than 1.5 2.5
pH value 7.0 ~ 11.5 7.8
※1:3.5wt% (% concentration in terms of mass)representing the amount of moisture absorbed by brake fluid in a passenger vehicle in a 6-12 month period.
※2:As shown on the chart above, the kinetic viscosity for JIS standard of -40 is outside the specification range for “BF338”. 
Please avoid using if the outside temperature is below -10. (It may be liable to impaired fluid response.)
Meets all criteria for metal corrosion, swelling of the rubber and water-resistance, as set out in the JIS BF-4 (DOT4 equivalent) specification. 
Caution: Please do not mix with other brake fluids. (Depending on the component, it may cause deterioration.)

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