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Gear oil
Product name  CompR(Gear) Base oil Synthetic ester blend oil
Features “Transmission gear oil and a single-purpose differential gear oil based on synthetic ester oil”
We have a lineup of gear oils to support various transmissions and LSDs with eight types of carefully selected viscosities, developed through repeated practical tests on racing vehicles that require strict oil temperature control.
Oils are also prepared with additives and the amount of viscoelastic fluid adjusted for usage stages, the optimum oil can be chosen to suit different racing environments and vehicle specifications.
We prepare multi to single grade oils with dual purpose oils for transmissions and LSD differentials for FF and single purpose oils for differentials for FR to suite usage environments. It is best suited to high performance sport grade, tuned and racing vehicles.
SAE 75W-90 75W-90L 80W-90L 80W-140 80W-140L 85W-250 90LSD 140LSD
Standard GL-5 GL-5 GL-5 GL-5 GL-5 GL-6 GL-5 GL-6
Base oil EsterBlend EsterBlend EsterBlend EsterBlend EsterBlend EsterBlend EsterBlend EsterBlend
040(cSt) 118.80 88.43 163.10 278.70 210.90 389.3 213.9 280.01
100(cSt) 16.23 14.85 17.44 30.01 29.10 42.01 23.86 24.49
Viscosity index 146 177 116 145 178 --- 139 111
Flash point 216 201 223 216 211 --- 219 237
Pour point -45 -47 -47 -37 -40 -12.5 -37 -21
LSD support
Notes Viscoelastic blend --- ---  Viscoelastic blend --- For differential gear  For differential gear  For differential gear
Product name  Transmission gear oil Base oil 75W-85/GL-4
Features “A 100% synthetic gear oil for transmission”
Specially made for transmissions, achieving the lowest viscosity, a 100% poly alpha olefin based synthetic oil to support the recent low viscosity index specified transmissions.
We have strived to achieve a combination of low viscosity index for the gearshift feel during low temperature and the change in gearshift feel during high temperature at a high level. This is a gear oil made for transmissions for circuit driving.
Viscoelastic fluid  With its properties of sticking to rotating bodies such as gear teeth under high torque and high load condition, it is blended to protect transmission gears with high torque rotation by preventing the direct contact of metal on metal.
It is blended to 75W-90 and 80W-140.
We have a lineup of 5 types of transmission gear oils and 3 types of single-purpose differential gear oil for different usage environments and purposes.
※The image to the right shows stringy characteristics of 75W-90.
Stringy property of the oil
Formula focusing on transmission Formula balancing transmission and LSD Formula focusing on LSD

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